Minor Update: New Comment System

"What do you MEAN it got deleted?!"
“Has Rebo put up that Episode 5 review yet?” “Nope, time to flame her!”

Just a minor update while I bang out Episode 5’s review and move into Episode 6 of Crystal – I’ve switched the site’s comment system over to Disqus so they look less horrid and terribly formatted.  All old comments SHOULD be back in the new system, but if one got ate like a piece of delicious 90s toast…my apologies.

You know, all ten or so comments on the entire site.

….so alone….

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 04 and Act 05 reviews incoming

The Kill la Kill jokes are for the final review. And they write themselves.
Cure Jupiter and Sailor Melody. Zettai yurusenai!

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Rebo cross-country update!  The move left me without internet longer than I expeceted, so I only just got to watch both acts and take some notes.  I will try to get these two episodes reviewed before Act 06 airs. Rambling after the jump.

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Delayed SMC Act 4 Review

Hey folks, I’m currently prepping for a cross-country move and that’s put me a little bit behind on getting the write-up for the episode. I’ll have it up Wednesday.

There may also be a short delay for Act 5 since I’m probably still going to be in transit the weekend it airs, but that should be the last of the Crystal related delays.


UPDATE (8/25/2014): Did you know moving from Southern California to Albany takes a lot more time than you think it will?  I haven’t even gotten to watch this episode yet!  My apologies for the increased delay, but I am shooting to get it up by the weekend before I start the road trip.

Minor posting update

Just a quickie, but for some odd reason, the last update still had a September 2012 publish date on it instead of July 14th like it should have. Gotta love WordPress (also, gotta love how long that post took me to write.) This has been cleaned up.

I also took a pass at trying to clean up the Youtube video links that now pointed at dead or muted content. Viz and Toei have been on a rampage. If it happens again, I’ll have to come up with something else for these clips in the reviews.

Sailor Moon: Episodes 31 – 35

In this update that was definitely written in 2012 and on time, everything gets more complicated as the Senshi hunt for one last rainbow crystal, Luna fends off a feline admirer and Zoisite uses the deadly powers of Super Sentai, cosplay, and stabbing a guy to gain the crystals lost to his foes.  And among the chaos, appears the final Sailor Senshi, the Silver Crystal, and that Moon Princess that absolutely nobody ever figured out the identity of. And as another villain has his swan song, the seeds are sown for the final foes from the Dark Kingdom’s depths…

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